Happy Holi Wishes 2020 in English

Holi wishes 2020

I wish you to have a colorful and joyable holi… May the color of happiness fulfil your life’s Journey throughout Life. Happy Holi!

  1. Best Wishes to you for a Holi filled with sweet memories and moments to have it for very long. Happy Holi!
  2. May the shines of this Holi brighten your path towards progress and continued success. Happy Holi!
  3. May this splendid festival spread colourful joy, wealth, celebration and remove sorrows and ignorance in your life. Happy Holi!
  4. Have a wonderful year filled with peace, prosperity, joy, happiness. Happy Holi!
  5. Though you are away this Holi you are always with me in my thoughts, thinking You and looking forward to seeing you soon. Happy Holi!
  6. If Wishes come in Rainbow Colours, then I would send the brightest one to say Happy Holi!
  7. Holi is a time to reach out with the colours of joy. It is time to love and forgive. It is the time expresses the happiness of being loved and to be loved through colours.
  8. Let the colours of Holi spread the message of peace and happiness. Happy Holi!
  9. I don’t want much for Holi. I just want the person reading this to be healthy, happy and loved. Wishing you a very Happy HOLI!
  10. May this Holi brings the color of success, prosperity and happiness in your and Yours loved one’s life!
  11. Happy Holi to a friend who always keeps me on high spirited. Happy Holi!
  12. On Holi when there will be a lot of fun and bright colors splashing everywhere. Happy Holi!
  13. I just know that I’m thinking about you and wishing that my warm wishes ass up to your CHEER! Happy Holi!
  14. Best wishes Holi is the time to develop understanding and love for each other! Happy Holi!
  15. Holi is not only about colours and sweets. It reminds of the divine and eternal love of Krishna and Radha. It also reminds one of Narashima, Prahlada and Hiranyakashyapa and thus the fact that ‘Truth and Humanity are invincible forces in the Universe’.
  16. A joy of colourful stream I hope you are in this with me. Happy Holi my dear friend…
  17. May God paint the canvas of your life with the most beautiful colors! Wish you a very happy and colourful Holi! happy holi 2020 wishes
  18. Dipped in hues of love and trust has come the festival of HOLI. Happy Holi!
  19. Like the color of the range may this Holi brighten up your Life! Greeting you a very Happy Holi!
  20. I’m wishing you and your family to have a happy and prosperous Holi. Happy Holi!
  21. All the colors of Holi remind me of your smile. I hope you will enjoy this Holi with a smile. Happy Holi!
  22. All are child inside and the festival will bring out the child in us. So, let’s celebrate the color festival. Happy Holi!
  23. A true relation doesn’t have to speak. A beautiful smile and greetings are just enough to express their feelings. Happy Holi!
  24. I will put all the colors on your face on this Holi and I’m praying to God to add more colors to your beautiful life. Happy Holi!
  25. You’re so beautiful and I wish to apply some colors on you to make you more beautiful on this Holi. Happy Holi My Dear Friend!
  26. Festivals are founders of Love and Joy, friends are the real ones to make this day as a great memory. I’m one of them. Happy Holi My friend! happy holi 2020 wishes
  27. I want so dearly that you would be mine today and always you are in my life, I will make you Happy forever and always. Happy Holi!
  28. There is nothing without water, no enjoyment without water, so enjoy this festival with water balloons, Happy Holi!
  29. Countdown began. Slowly-Slowly time will run, can’t wait for the colorful day of the year. I’m wishing you a Happy Holi in advance…
  30. A touch of green I send to you, A drop of blue to cool the Hue, A tinged of red for warmth & rest for a colorful Holi! Happy and colorful Holi!
  31. I’m wishing your family to flow in a colorful and joyful Holi on this festival Day. Happy Holi!
  32. Greeting to you and your family to celebrate the color day with a lot of joy and humour. Happy Holi!
  33. I swear on this Holi that I will fill your life with joy and happiness and make your life with smiles and love. Happy Holi!
  34. Our Beautiful and colorful relationship wants to celebrate Holi with our family and friends. Be with me. happy holi 2020 wishes
  35. Let be United and will bring all the Colors to your life On the Holy Day. Happy Colorful Holi!
  36. Holi is the Holy day to express our life with colors. It is time to throw colors and water balloons on our loved ones. Happy Holi!
  37. Holi is the day to forget our sorrows and build our bond with family and friends very tightly. Happy Holi!
  38. I’m wishing you a Holi filled with sweet moments and colorful memories to happiness with love and care. Happy Happy Holi!
  39. Be with bright colors and joyful moments and chew the day with happiness. Happy Holi!
  40. Come on buddy let us rejoice and play each other with colors and make our life colorful. Happy Color Day!

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